The elegance of anti-glare LED Downlights【RD-LED-HIDE】

High-quality With competitive prices, showing the beauty of the space!

The unique design and fashion style of these light fixtures show the sense and persistence of every interior designer. When the lights are turned on, the wonderful journey of a home begins. The special deep anti-glare design makes you almost unable to see the existence of the light source. RD-LED-HIDE deep anti-glare downlights can meet your customers’ satisfaction and make them smile while turning on the switch.

Product Demo Film- English Version

Product Demo Film- Chinese Version

The elegance of anti-glare LED Downlights【rD-LED-HIDE】

versatile Design

LED chips are purchased from renowned American manufacturers to ensure quality, reliability and high lumens.

Brand: Bridgelux / Luminus

Adjustable angle of 24° to concentrate or evenly distribute light

The metal ring of the module can be rotated without removing the entire lamp, just pull it down with your fingers. It can be replaced easily and can also avoid the risk of damaging the ceiling during replacements in the future.

Options for the reflectors and optical lens

The reflector comes in two colors:
white/black for a perfect matching in interior design and application.

4 optical lens angles are available:
15° | 24° | 36° | 50° (except HIDE | 55)

From narrow-angle for illuminating artworks to wide-angle for general lighting! Creating a romantic atmosphere in your space with the HIDE LED downlights!

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