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Commercial Lighting-Curtain Showroom/Shop

Lighting Design-Curtain showroom/shop

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Curtain Showroom in Taiwan

Brightness, Color Temperature and High CRI:

  • Ensure the lighting is bright enough for customers to see the details of the curtains.
  • Choose 4000K natural light of the color temperature that presents the real colors of the curtains.

Task Lighting and Accent Lighting :

  • Provide focused task lighting in areas where customers need it, such as at products where they may be browsing through fabric swatches or making decisions.
  • Use accent lighting to highlight specific curtain displays or featured products. This can create a focal point and draw attention to certain items.

Avoid Glare and Consider Customer Comfort:

  • Position lights in a way that minimizes glare which might make it difficult for customers to see the products clearly.
  • Ensure that the lighting is comfortable for customers, avoiding overly harsh or dim lighting that could deter them from browsing the curtains.

Highlighting Window Displays:

Use spotlighting to highlight these areas and attract the attention of passersby.

Extension of Space:

The illumination could extend to the ground and broaden the space of this showroom.


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