Why Do LED Lights Glow When turned Off and How To Stop It?

Why do LED lights glow after turning off the lights?

In recent years, LED has replaced traditional light bulbs and energy-saving bulbs as the most popular light source in the new lighting era, and is widely used in residential spaces, commercial spaces and outdoor spaces. However, many people encounter the same problem. After replacing LED lights or light bulbs, they find that when we turn off the power, the LED lights seem to be unable to be completely turned off and still glow and light up slightly? Is it a quality issue with the lighting fixtures, or is there an error in the wiring of the switches at home!?

Usually, it is mostly related to the power switch on the wall. Currently, most fields are placed with illuminated light switch, as display in the figure below. Due to the reason above, there will be a slight current flowing back in the circuit loop. Therefore, smaller wattage LED lamps or fixtures are generally susceptible to being affected, causing the lamps to produce slight brightness or flicker.


There are two ways to solve it:

1. Replace the illuminated light switch with a traditional switch.
2. Connect capacitors in parallel to the circuit, and it is recommended to purchase capacitors with a voltage of twice the voltage (for example: voltage of 110V, it is recommended to use capacitors above 250V).

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The above methods still cannot solve the problem?

It might happen if the electrician connect the neutral wire to the switch. In this case, the switch can only control the continuity of the neutral wire, but cannot control the live wire. Even when the power is turned off, the live wire is still continuously connected, so some current would still stay in the lamp, which will cause the phenomenon of slight brightness after turning off the switch.

So please pay attention to the connection of the neutral and live wire. The live wire should be correctly connected to the switch, allowing the switch itself to control the current connection of the live wire, so as not to cause the lamp to remain slightly glow after turning off the power!

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