RD-LED-DEEP downlights-New Arrivals | august 2023

TJ2 【New Arrivals | august 2023】 RD-LED-DEEP downlights

| New Arrivals |

RD-LED-DEEP downlight Series| TJ2 Lighting

Interior Designer Strongly Recommended

| Product Feature |

Deep Anti Glare

Prevent the eye discomfort caused by direct glare!

The light source is placed deeper inside the reflector and reduces the direct glare.

RD-LED-DEEP downlight Series| TJ2 Lighting
RD-LED-DEEP downlight Series| TJ2 Lighting

Adjustable 24°

Rotate and Illuminate whatever you want in 24°!

The adjustable head of RD-LED-DEEP series can be rotated at 24°, the maximum inclination angle is 24° without affecting the light effects.

High Color Rendering

COB LED light source provides vivid illumination and adds value simultaneously!

ESG Awareness-TJ2 Lighting

ESG Awareness

Easy to use, easy to change, easy for life!

As a professional LED Lighting manufacturer, we do care about ESG issues and this product series could only replace the downlight module instead of changing the whole light.

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RD LED DEEP Downlight Series

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