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Commercial Lighting Design-Memorial Hall

The combination of light, shadow and furnishings.

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Memorial Hall in Taiwan

In the realm of Memorial Hall, this area serves as the first impression, setting the tone for family members or guests alike. It’s imperative to craft a space that not only embodies the ethos of the company but also exudes an ambiance of sophistication and functionality. Enter track lighting—a versatile and dynamic solution that has revolutionized lighting design. In this project, we delve into a captivating lighting project that employs track lighting to transform the area, elevating it to new heights of elegance and efficiency.

The Challenge:

The area of the memorial hall in question presented several challenges. Glare often happened from the original track lights placed in the area. Its vast expanse demanded illumination that was both comprehensive and adaptable. The design needed to seamlessly integrate with the existing architecture while offering flexibility to highlight various features, furnishing and artworks. Furthermore, energy efficiency and maintenance were paramount considerations for our client.

What we have done and our Solution:

Enter track lighting, a flexible light fixture that allows adjustment for illumination and could solve the problem of glare and TV reflection caused by original track lights. The design team opted for a combination of deep anti-glare LED track lights strategically positioned to illuminate key areas without glare while minimizing energy consumption. Guests, family members or employees would feel comfortable even if staying long in this area(no more glare). The flexibility of track lighting enabled the creation of focal points, accentuating architectural features and artworks, thus infusing the space with personality and depth.

Design Elements:

The design incorporated multiple tracks spanning the length and breadth of the memorial hall, ensuring the accent lighting for a certain space. Adjustable track lights were utilized to direct light precisely where needed, offering versatility in highlighting architectural details, furnishing and artwork. 4000K LED lights were chosen for their energy efficiency, high lumen and longevity, contributing to the sustainability goals of the project.

The Lighting Scheme:

The lighting scheme was meticulously crafted to enhance the ambiance of the memorial hall while fulfilling practical requirements. Warm white LED lights were selected to create a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere, striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Different lighting zones were established to accommodate varied activities, from reception to informal gatherings, ensuring optimal illumination for every scenario.

Artistic Expression:

One of the lighting project’s highlights was integrating track lighting to showcase artwork and furniture strategically placed within the memorial hall. Adjustable track lights allowed for precise highlighting, accentuating the colors and textures of each piece while adding a layer of sophistication to the space. The combination of light and shadow transformed the memorial hall into a gallery-like setting, making the space more approachable.

Sustainability and Efficiency:

In line with the sustainability goals, the lighting design prioritized energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. LED technology, known for its energy efficiency and longevity, was central to the design, reducing both operational costs and carbon footprint. Moreover, the modular nature of track lighting facilitated ease of maintenance, ensuring longevity and reliability for years to come.

Result and Impact:

The implementation of track lighting proved to be a resounding success, transforming the memorial hall into an approachable, peaceful space filled with vision tensility. The combination of light and shadow, coupled with the flexibility of the light fixtures, has imbued the space with a sense of solemnity and sophistication. Family members, guests and employees alike are greeted by an ambiance that is both stately and Aesthetic.


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